Swyc jib sheet lines

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Swyc jib sheet lines

Dinghy jib sheets are hand held and adjusted often. The black line shows the edges of the jib the cross lines are the battens. We do swyc recommend that on some lines you color code, meaning with the jib sheet you could go with an upgraded solid blue line. Swyc jib sheet lines. then going flatter on the jib sheet angle will allow better control of the lower.
Chances are you have seen Samson synthetic lines at work all around you. Extra low stretch yacht braid line 5/ 16" X 46' The standard color is the white with the swyc color blue ticking. Lightweight lines with low absorption and a comfortable grip are ideal. PARALLEL CORE: A patented unidirectional swyc fiber core with swyc a braided cover produces a line with significantly less stretch and greater strength than the same size double braid line. These lines are the choice of champions. Ideal for halyards sheets, guys where low stretch is required.

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The jib sheet length reduces by 6 feet, but you have to add in the 3 feet of pigtail length ( 18" x 2), so the total reduction in line is only 3 feet. Which is still worthwhile, but not of huge significance. A loop is made at the mid- point of the jib sheet by using some whipping twine. Then a short helper line is also securely attached with whipping twine. At the end of the helper line, a plastic stopper is attached. Again, it is important to use a stopper that cannot slip through the clew cringle.

swyc jib sheet lines

So, the sheet line is tied to the port cleat block goes up to the jib clew block back through the port cleat block across the tramp through the starboard cleat block up to the other jib clew block and then back to the starboard cleat block where it is tied off. Hobie Cat 18 Jibsheet Line Jib Sheet Robline Racing Sheet 8 MM Red Dyneema: Details ยป. Tie jib sheet to the becket ( pin) on the port side jib car.