Grivory htv 5h1 datasheet4u

Grivory datasheet

Grivory htv 5h1 datasheet4u

5h1 Tensile strength mm/ minISO 527 MPa dry cond. Grivory HT- PPA technicalparts applicationfields Safetytechnology Mechanicalengineering Domesticappliances PROPERTIESMechanical Properties Standard Unit State Grivory HTV- 5H1 black 9205 Tensile E- Modulus mm/ minISO 527 MPa dry cond. Grivory HTV- 5H1 datasheet4u black datasheet4u 9205 PA6T/ htv 6I- GF50 datasheet4u EMS- GRIVORY | a unit of EMS- CHEMIE 5h1 AG Mechanical properties dry / cond Unit Test Standard Tensile Modulus 18000 / 17500 MPa ISO 527- 1/ - 2 Charpy htv impact strength ( + 23° C) 80 / 80 kJ/ m² grivory ISO 179/ 1eU Charpy impact strength ( - 30° C) 80 / 80 5h1 kJ/ m² ISO 179/ 1eU. Hence incomplete mouldings as well as sprues runners can be reprocessed. HOME htv PRODUCTS & SERVICES DATASHEETS POLYAMIDE AND NYLON RESINS EMS- 5h1 GRIVORY AMERICA GRIVORY® POLYAMIDE - grivory - GRIVORY datasheet4u HTV- 5H1. Elongation mm/ minISO 527 drycond. Material Notes: Grivory HTV- 5H1 black 9205 is 5h1 datasheet4u a 50% glass fiber reinforced engineering thermoplastic material based on a semi- crystalline, partially aromatic copolyamide. No datasheet4u significant reduction of strength grivory values can be seen after 1000 hours immersion in hot motor hot brake fluid , gear oil synthetic oils at 135° C. Grivory HTV- 5H1 surpasses all comparable construction mate- rials based on polyamides with its stiffness values of 14000 MPa after 1000 hours exposure at 135° C. The following points should be observed: • Moisture absorption • Grinding: htv Dust particles 5h1 oil, particle size distri- htv bution • Contamination through foreign material, dust etc. Grivory HT1 grades HTV- 3H1 HTV- 4H1 HTV- 45H1 HTV- 5H1 HTV- 6H1 HT1V- 65H HT1V- datasheet4u 3 FWA HT1V- 4 FWA HT1V- 5 FWA HT1V- 6 FWA HT1V- 3 HY HT1V- 4 HY htv grivory HT1V- 5 HY HTM- grivory grivory 4H1 HT1V- 33X LED white 6861 HT1V- 33X UV white 6861 htv Characteristics and properties Injection- moulding grade with 30- 5h1 65 wt% glass- fibre rein- forcement based on polyphthalamide PA 6T/ 6I. Grivory htv 5h1 datasheet4u. Polymer; Thermoplastic; Nylon; grivory Nylon, Aromatic. Grivory GV- 5H black 9915 is a thermoplastic mate- rial.

Polyamide and Nylon Resins from EMS.

Datasheet grivory

Grivory® HT2V- 3H LF. Grivory® HT2V- 3H LF is an anti- static polyphthalamide ( PPA) grade reinforced with 30% glass fiber. Is based on a semi- crystalline, partially aromatic co- polyamide. Possesses good dimensional stability, low warpage, good surface quality, increased friction & wear properties, good hydrolysis-, heat- and alcohol resistance.

grivory htv 5h1 datasheet4u

Grivory HTV- 5H1 nat Grivory HTV- 6H1 black 9205 Grivory HTV- 6H1 nat Grivory XE 4063 black 9238 Grivory XE 4065 black 9238 Grivory XE 4095 black 9225. Grivory HTV- 5H1 50% glassfibre reinforced engineering thermoplastic material based on a semicrystalline, partially aromatic copolyamide.